The Latest from S.L. Scott!

I can’t wait to read this new adventure in her writing. You should check out Until I Met You!

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Is it hot in here?

Check out the latest from the lovely Ruth Clampett. I think it should’ve been titled “Steam” instead of “Wet”!

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Compromising Positions is now an audiobook!

I’m so happy to announce my second audiobook, Compromising Positions!

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No Ordinary Guy is now available as an audiobook!

It was a blast working with Will M. Watt to bring David Bates and all his cockney charm to life. I hope you enjoy listening to David’s story in his own voice!

Don’t forget that if you sign-up for the Audible trial membership, you get two books for free!

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A new rock star romance for you!

By the lovely SL Scott… it’s The Reckoning!

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I love all of J.M. Darhower’s books!

And here’s another for you today! Check out By Any Other Name!

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Helena Hunting on sale

Helena Hunting is treating us all to a sale! So many of her great books are 99 cents right now. Go forth and read!

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A new novella by SL Scott!

Lost in Translation!

You had me at Paris 🙂

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Work of Art Book 2 is here!

Congratulations to Ruth Clampett on the release of the sequel to Work of Art – The Unveiling. The Unveiling is live, and Book 1 – The Inspiration – is now only 99 cents to get you started on the series!

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Happy holidays, here’s a novella for you!

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for the holidays. I hope you enjoy Until January.

I have a happy life—a great career, wonderful friends, and a nice family (for the most part), but parents don’t like to let their single thirty-one year old daughters spend Christmas alone. Apparently, no matter how successful you might be in your career or how independent of a life you may lead, you can’t be trusted alone during the holidays. You might snap Fatal Attraction style and make rabbit stew for your married lover’s Christmas dinner.

But I’m a vegetarian, and I don’t date married men, so my parents have agreed to let me spend this December by myself. I’m even looking forward to it—at least I was until HLG came back. HLG is short for Hot Lawyer Guy. I know his name, but it’s easier if I think of him as HLG because he’s my unattainable crush. Every woman has a mild obsession they need to kick, and he’s mine. If he would just go away for good, this December would be perfect.

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