Getting Started Again and Again

Some of you know I’ve been working on  A Political Affair for years. Michael Crichton said, “Books aren’t written. They’re rewritten,” and that’s certainly been the case with me. Many have helped me along the way, but I couldn’t have gotten this far without the lovely ladies at

I’m not going to lie–it was a grueling process. You learn so much going through a writing workshop, and it’s best to toughen your skin. The slap of the grammar and style ruler is harsh on your hands and your heart. Though I’ll carry my addiction to adverbs my whole life (thanks to my ’70s television education),

my workshop friends have helped me control my urge to add “very,” “really,” and “ly” words to every sentence.

If you’re intersested, Fictionista is starting its new round of workshops this fall. They’re looking for editors, critics, moderators, and of course, writers. No professional experience is necessary–just a good eye and ear. Check them out!



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