Free This Week!

In celebration of the release of my new book, Beside Your Heart, my little novella, A Very Important Guest, will be free this week. So fire up your kindle or kindle app and download it! No kindle? Don’t fret. Get the app. It’s free too!dancing

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Long Time No Talk!

asfailedontv_3608_1359150154 I swear I’m normally a very chatty person, but gosh, I’ve been so busy with writing and moving that I’ve had a derelict blog for a while now. This is how I feel opening WordPress to update my blog!

I’ve been so AWOL, you’d never know that my latest book, Beside Your Heart, is coming out next Tuesday, June 18. Yipppeee! The wonderful folks over at Omnific Publishing have been shepherding it the last few months, and it’s ready for release.

While it can easily be shelved as New Adult, I’d say it’s also a romance with a touch of contemporary women’s fiction. You can check it out on Goodreads right here.

A friend over at THESUBCLUBbooks turned me on to this Carrie Underwood song, See You Again, which gives a little insight into the story.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in a few days to announce the awesome upcoming blog tour and fab giveaways. Thanks for stopping by!


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The Heart Series Box set is available on Amazon UK!

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Daisy is at it again!

Who doesn’t love a Tomcat???

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Wow kindle fire on sale!

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Happy Election Day!

On this fine Election Day, I’m giving away a signed copy of A Political Affair to the person who correctly picks the winning electoral map. You can check out a map here at:

Post a comment below with your winning combination of  battleground states. No need to tell me that California will vote for Obama or Texas will go for Romney. Just tell me which candidate picks up:

Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin

Please add the tie-breaker of what state will be the one to put the candidate over the top and into the next Presidency. If more than one person correctly predicts everything, I guess I’m giving away more than one book!



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Release Day for A Political Affair

It’s finally release day for a A Political Affair!

In honor of its release, my novella is free on Amazon for October 18 and October 19. Enjoy!

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My Blog Tour Begins for A Political Affair

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Win a Copy of A Political Affair!

Check out my guestpost for Book Lovers Inc. If you leave a comment, you’re entered to win a copy of the book!

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A Political Affair is now on Netgalley for review!

Do you or a friend have a blog or are active on Goodreads? My book is now on Netgalley for review. Click here and send in a request.



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